I know, this is the boring bit but please have a little read. It's important for both of us to be on the same page when it comes to terms and conditions.


Please note that to secure a wedding day or occasion booking a deposit of £50 must be paid beforehand. 

In the event of cancellation, full payment will be required where less than 1 months’ notice is given. Deposits are non-refundable if a cancellation is received less than 12 weeks before the Event.

Cancellations are to be made via email only.


I may need an assistant or two if you have a huge bridal party or the time allowed by the venuw is tight, (It happens!). This price can vary depending on who I can acquire, I will always aim to find an artist similar to my style and 


Travel up to 15 miles is included in the prices stated above, mileage after this will be charged at £1 a mile. This additional cost will be confirmed at the time of booking.


Photographs will be taken by me throughout both any trial and on the day for use on my website and social media outlets. If you’d prefer for your photo’s not to be included please do let me know on the day.


Please advise of any medical conditions or allergies before the trial commences.

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