ABOUT ME      


First and foremost, I’m a makeup artist! I love makeup, what it enhances, what it transforms and how it makes us feel. I’m completely addicted to buying the latest products and trying them all out; much to my husbands dismay! I’ve had an interest in beauty and makeup for a long time – perhaps this was sparked when I poured my Mum’s Chanel perfume all over the carpet as a child? Sorry Mum!


I studied in London when I was 21 but didn’t have the confidence to push myself into the industry until around 5 years ago. It’s a jungle out there! I was approached to makeup a bride in Greece and I jumped at the chance. The spark for makeup was back and from there I went on to study at the Kristina Gasperas Academy - that woman is a dream! 


During my time at the Academy I also discovered my love for portrait photography. What good is flawless makeup if you can’t capture it and show it off? Learning how to properly photograph my beautiful brides, and my work, in the best light has also made me a bit of a perfectionist. A macro beauty lens hides nothing my friends!


Other loves include eating Hawaiian Poke, Justin Timberlake, my cats and red wine. All necessities in life, I feel.


Well that’s me at a glance! I know that organising a wedding can be daunting so if you have any questions or would like to know a little more please feel free to contact me.  More than happy to help!

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